All Main Stage Sessions: Sight Tech Global 2023

Sight Tech Global 2023 Conference Image

In case you missed the 2023 Sight Tech Global main stage sessions, they are all available below in the order in which they appeared in the original show. They are also viewable over at Sight Tech’s YouTube channel in two play lists – day one (Dec. 6) and day two (Dec. 7)

Sight Tech Global 2023: Day One

Be My AI: What happens when an accessibility favorite makes the jump to AI?

  • Moderator:  Greg Stilson, Head of Global Innovation, APH
  • Speaker: Mike Buckley, Chairman and CEO, Be My Eyes
  • Speaker:  Jesper Hvirring Henriksen, Chief Technology Officer, Be My Eyes
  • Speaker:  Aske Stampe, Product Designer, Be My Eyes

Generative AI: What just happened?

  • Moderator: Ned Desmond, Founder and Executive Producer, Sight Tech Global
  • Speaker: Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley

AI gets complicated: emerging debates and surprising challenges

  • Moderator: Merve Hickok, Founder,
  • Speaker:  Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen, Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University
  • Speaker:  Chancey Fleet, Assistive Technology Coordinator, New York Public Library
  • Speaker: Bryan Bashin, Vice Chair, Be My Eyes

Where will AI take accessibility? A conversation with Mike Shebanek

  • Moderator: Ned Desmond, Founder and Executive Producer, Sight Tech Global
  • Speaker: Mike Shebanek, Head of Accessibility, Meta

Andrew Leland on his instant classic: “The Country of the Blind”

  • Moderator: Darryl Adams, Director of Accessibility, Intel
  • Speaker: Andrew Leland, Author or “The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight.”

Glidance: It’s not a cane. It’s not a dog. It’s a self-driving mobility aid.

  • Moderator: Dr. Josh Miele, Principal Accessibility Researcher, Amazon
  • Speaker: Amos Miller, Founder Glidance

Wisk: The people’s autonomous (and accessible!) air taxi

  • Moderator: Bryan Bashin, Vice Chair, Be My Eyes
  • Speaker: Ur Tzarnotzky, Director of Product Design, Wisk
  • Speaker: Saurabh Nimsarkar, Staff UI/UX Designer, Wisk

The Screen Reader Interoperability Gap – A Hidden Systemic Barrier

  • Moderator:  Caroline Desrosiers, Founder and CEO, Scribely
  • Speaker:  Matt King, Accessibility Technical Program Manager, Meta
  • Speaker:  Brett Lewis, Senior Software Engineer, Vispero
  • Speaker:  Isabel Del Castillo Solis, Access Technology Specialist, Prime Access Consulting

Waymo in San Francisco: A Lesson in Public Advocacy in AI

  • Moderator:  Steven Aquino, Tech Journalist
  • Speaker:  Sharon Giovinazzo, CEO, The Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired San Francisco
  • Speaker:  Tim Elder, President, National Federation of the Blind California
  • Speaker:  Rachel Kamen, Public Affairs Community Specialist, Waymo

Sight Tech Global 2023: Day Two

Seeing AI Meets Generative AI – The View from Microsoft

  • Moderator: Devin Coldewey, Writer and Photographer, TechCrunch
  • Speaker:  Saqib Shaikh, Co-founder of Seeing AI, Microsoft

Why did the AI cross the street? The OKO app story

  • Moderator:  Brandon Biggs, Engineer, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
  • Speaker:  Michiel Janssen, Co-founder and CEO, Ayes

dot 2.0

  • Moderator:  Dr. Nicholas Giudice, Founder & Chief Research Scientist, University of Maine
  • Speaker:  Eric Ju Yoon Kim, Co-Founder and CEO, dot inc.
  • Speaker:  Ki Kwang Sung, Co-Founder and CBDO, dot inc.

The Timing for APH Monarch’s tactile display could not be better

  • Moderator: Dr. Josh Miele, Principal Accessibility Researcher, Amazon
  • Speaker:  Greg Stilson, Head of Global Technology Innovation, The American Printing House for the Blind

SalesForce: The Office of Accessibility – four years on

  • Moderator: Larry Goldber, Accessibility Sensei & Technology Consultant
  • Speaker: Kristian Burch, Director of Accessibility Programs and Compliance, SalesForce
  • Speaker:  Derek Featherstone, VP of Accessibility & Inclusive Design, SalesForce
  • Speaker: Paige Gulacy, Accessibility Support Engineering Manager, SalesForce

Can we enlist AI to accelerate human-led work in alt text and audio description?

  • Moderator: Thomas Reid, Host and Producer, Reid My Mind
  • Speaker: Caroline Desrosiers, Founder and CEO, Scribely
  • Speaker: Angela McIntosh, Senior Product Director for Accessibility, Warner Brothers Discovery

Envision: What happens when smart glasses get really smart?

  • Moderator: Joe Devon, Entrepreneur and Accessibility Advocate
  • Speaker: Karthik Mahadevan, Co-founder, Envision


Watch all recorder Sight Tech Global sessions from the 2023 event held on December 6th and 7th.