Announcing the breakout AMAs and a surprise new speaker for the main stage at Sight Tech Global 2023

A few days ago we announced the 2023 agenda for Sight Tech Global , which featured 15 panels and fireside chats taking place over Dec. 6-7 from 8:00 a.m. PT until noonish. It’s free and online: Register today!

It’s an incredible line-up that focuses in a big way on the controversial generative AI, which has taken the technology world – including the accessibility, by storm. We will hear about generative AI (also referred to as Ask ChatGPT) from many angles and speakers in the accessibility world, and we are also delighted to announce that one of the world’s foremost authorities on AI in general, Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley, will join us for a special session to set the context on the amazing and possibly frightening advances in AI in the past year.

In addition, we have announced the breakout sessions and published them on the agenda, where you can find the exact times. These sessions are live AMAs (“ask me anything”) in Zoom webinars that are an opportunity for event attendees to ask questions directly to our speakers. They are a great complement to our main stage sessions, which are pre-recorded with expert moderators, so there is no opportunity for the audience to interact. Here’s the rundown:

December 6

Be My Eyes
Mike Buckley, Be My Eyes
Jesper Hvirring Henriksen, Be My Eyes
Aske Stamp, Be My Eyes

Amos Miller, Glidance

Matt King, META
Brett Lewis, Vispero
Isabel del Castillo Solis, Prime Access Consulting

December 7

Michiel Janssen, AYES

dot pad
Erik Ju Yoon Kim, dot
Ki Kwang Sung, dot

APH / Monarch
Greg Stilson, APH

MAX Audio Description
Angela McIntosh, Warner Bothers

Scribely Alt tags
Caroline Desrosiers, Scribely

Karthik, Mahadevan, Envision

Please be sure to join us for these great sessions. It’s free and online: Register today!

Thanks again to our sponsors META, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Waymo, iSenpai, Be My Eyes, Envision, Foundation Fighting Blindness.



Watch all recorder Sight Tech Global sessions from the 2023 event held on December 6th and 7th.